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Check out my short story 'Dust Devil', featured in Endless Apocalypse, a new anthology from Flame Tree Publishing.

Walking the Edge
Eleven short horror and dark fantasy stories

There is a world that exists between the known and the unknown, a space between the real and the unreal. Explore the boundaries of reality in this collection of dark fantasies available from these fine e-retailers

Walking the Edge

Home by the Sea – Still haunted by the loss of his daughter, Kyle Jennings must face a nameless horror from the dawn of time to save a little girl with sea green eyes.

Eustace – When Eddie Wilkes' father died he left his son more than just a rambling old house.

Beggars Can't be Choosers – When you're the last man on earth you have to take what you can get.

Disconnected – It's bad enough to lose your only brother but it is more than Chris Jensen can handle when he discovers the truth behind Kevin's death.

A Simple Task – Reverend Peters thought he had seen the worst humanity had to offer in the trenches of war-torn France – he was wrong.

Exit Left – Power, position and wealth don't add up to a hill of beans when you find yourself trapped in the parking garage from Hell.

Signal to Noise – As Rebecca Lundrgren descends in to a madness fueled by pain killers, wine and memories she finds it harder and harder to filter out the signal from the noise.

Dark Legacy – Gil wanted to give his wife a pleasant distraction, a few hours to escape her pain, but their day trip to the mountains goes terribly wrong as they each uncover their own dark legacy.

Gut Feeling – Greg's gut was killing him but no one would believe his pain was real, not even his wife. If he was to find relief he would have to take things into his own hands. 

Crawlspace – The excitement of buying and renovating their first home quickly turns to pure horror for Jeff Rodgers and his new bride when he enters the crawlspace.

Terms and Conditions – Even the Devil himself doesn't stand a chance against a woman in love.


Excerpts from Walking the Edge


Suddenly deflated, he drooped against the counter. Dead. His little brother was dead. It hadn't really struck him till now. He'd been too distracted with all the details, all the arrangements, to really let it soak in. But now, standing in this gloomy apartment staring into Kevin's fridge, everything snapped into sharp, painful focus. He was gone, really gone, not on vacation in some exotic locale, soon to return with a camera full of pictures and a head full of wild stories about the things he'd seen, the things he'd done. Life is full of surprises, Kevin used to say. You take what comes at you and make the best of it. Heck of a surprise this was.


Home by the Sea

He woke in a sweat, not sure at first where he was, his heart slamming against his chest like a caged animal. This one had been bad, so real even now parts of his mind were still trapped in the dream.

About Me

My name is Curt Jeffreys and I've been writing fiction since 1996. I suppose I'm a horror writer, since that's where my dark side so often leads me, but really, labels are constricting and usually inaccurate. I write what I feel like writing when I feel like writing it. Sometimes it's horror, sometimes it's science-fiction, other times it might be crime or mystery. If I must be labeled let it be as a 'Speculative Fiction' writer because, after all, isn't all fiction speculative? When it comes down to it, doesn't speculation boil down to the simple question 'What If?'


I've had stories featured in
  • Endless Apocalypse
  • Aofe's Kiss
  • Dark Fire Fiction
  • Galaxy ezine
  • Millenium Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Mysterical-e
  • Rocket Stories!
  • Shadowkeep
  • SNM Horror Magazine
  • The Absent Willow Review
  • The Science Fiction Museum
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